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cyber network security

Cyber-Security or Cyber-Risk is not one specific risk. It's a group of risks, which differ in technology and attack vectors. That is why we offer a holistic view of your network with the following priorities:

  • Reduce Network complexity
  • Make your underlying IT-infrastructure impenetrable and resilient
  • Build secure, reliabe and resillient networks
  • Building up cryptologically secure zones
  • Support your IoT transformation
  • Shorter time-to-market for new services

We understand that your infrastructure needs are unique to your business

Cyber security for operational technology (OT) Networks

Through our extensive experience in industrial cyber security operational technology, we understand the unique challenges of SCADA systems, industrial control systems, and other operational technologies, including the latest threats, business resilience, and potential security implications.

We support you and your organization in managing operational security risks

  • We understand your threats
  • We identify your risks
  • We prioritize together your investments
  • Support you for convergence between OT, IT and SDWan
  • We improve your OT-Network resilience

communication security

Critical organizations need absolute security for their professional communication. Indeed, the high level of security that today's dedicated Tetrapol and TETRA networks offer was one of their key selling points. It is also important to ensure security in other areas.

We are the world leader in the operation and design of one-time pad (OTP) encryption systems. The only scientifically proven encryption method that is unbreakable.

Talk to us if you need classified communication at the highest security level.

cryptography service

Today's cryptography isn’t easy to understand. It often does complicated calculations on multi-thousand-bit values. And it often uses random numbers for some of those calculations. When you generate cryptographic keys, for example, you need to generate lots of random (actually pseudorandom) bits. If a key doesn't look just like random bits, it's possible for an attacker to guess it more easily. That means that your cryptography isn't providing as much security as it could, and that's bad.

Bruce Schneier"You need to trust the cryptography, the protocols, the software, the computers and the network. And you need to trust them absolutely because they’re often single points of failure."

TUAnd how can this relationship of trust be achieved in complex technology?

Solution: This is exactly why we offer a special review of your cryptographic implementation to ensure that your systems are properly designed, implemented, and operated.

insider threat protection

The current threat includes increasing espionage, embezzlement, sabotage, fraud, and theft of intellectual property. As well as the theft of research results and product development specifically by company insiders. Current employee but also former employees.

We offer a wide range of solutions to address the growing number of potential insider threats.

Prevention, detection, mitigatin and deterrence!