Thomas Unterleitner looks back on 30 years of worldwide professional experience. He distinguishes himself by his many years of professional experience in programming and developing complex security architectures. For many years, he played a decisive role in the development of the phion AG netfence firewall and VPN and was also active as a software development manager after the company was taken over by Barracuda Networks/California.

As a founding member and product manager at i4-Guard GmbH, Thomas Unterleitner has been active since 2019. The "Embedded Network Protector" technology developed by i4-Guard can be used in a variety of network protection applications and stands out due to a dramatic reduction of network complexity. In addition, the customer's IT infrastructure is strengthened and operating costs are reduced.

This advanced bump-in-the-wire technology refers to the protection of critical infrastructure and critical business processes. The focus is on the IoT sector, which is increasingly pushing into the classic IT sector and the associated mixing of Internet technology (IT) and operation technology (OT).


From 2012 Thomas Unterleitner worked as Technical Managing Partner at mils electronic. His responsibility was the development of high-security communication security solutions especially for the government sector worldwide, which he implemented in his leading position.

These solutions protect the exchange of highly sensitive data through hardware security modules, proprietary encryption algorithms and proprietary hardware random number generation and encryption using One Time Pad (OTP).

One Time Pad encryption is the only scientifically proven unbreakable encryption worldwide.


As an active member of the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR) and the various hardware and software security product developments and implementations, it was possible to develop encryption technologies at the highest level with Thomas Unterleitner.

In order to achieve the classified 'Top-Secret' standard for secure communication, it was and is necessary to develop the necessary encryption technology and at the same time to ensure that it can be checked and verified at any time.

Insider Threat Protection

In the common view of cyber security, the focus is usually on the external threats against a company. However, in order to effectively counteract threats from insiders, which are added from within, methods and procedures are required to ward off these threats.

These special threats are often described in classical literature as espionage or sabotage. In the course of my many years of worldwide professional activities in the highly sensitive field of government communication, I have acquired a very comprehensive knowledge and have been able to implement methods to actively counteract these insider threats.

Essential in every company is the protection against data loss, harmful actions and brand damage but also the theft of research and developments caused by malicious, negligent or unconsciously wrong acting insiders.

better safe than sorry