SMbv Secure Messaging

SMbv Secure Messaging
For all those who have increased security requirements and need crisis-resistant real-time communication!

Our Mission


  • Data autonomy and secure communication

  • TOP Topic - Unbreakable Message Encryption

  • Trusted EMail in the cloud age

  • Review of encryption implementations

  • Possible applications of the future-oriented homomorphic encryption technology

  • Help with building encryption competence

  • Help with insider threat problems


We help you better compete, innovate, and grow by augmenting your existing expertise with the right blend of cybersecurity counsel . Define your strategic direction and priorities and we will work together to analyse the resulting cybersecurity risks and develop effective strategies against them. All with the goal to grow and advance your business.


Communication Technology must be seen as a strategic Asset

Inadequate security and eager cybercriminals have led to successful attacks against corporate communications and corporate data increasing at an alarming rate. Finding a way to counter cyber intruders has become an existential challenge.


We say "encryption works, but only if it is implemented correctly". Together we analyze your implementations and help you to neutralize any weak points.


Reducing infrastructure complexity

We support you to reducing your IT network complexity and while optimizing your IT operations costs (TCO) and strengthening the underlying network infrastructure.


Convergence between IT and OT creates new risks

IT and OT (Operational Technologie) systems have traditionally been separated but have grown together in recent years. OT systems are increasingly connected to the Internet, through more powerful communication networks within the critical infrastructure providers. Therefore it is essential to implement cyber security measures for your OT networks now.


Open corporate culture opens the door to insider threats

We support you actively against insider threats so that you can continue to ensure your open corporate culture.


We support you and your organization in overcoming the current challenges

better safe than sorry